7 Mind-Blowing Tips for Successful Deployment of SIEM Tools

Tips for Deployment of SIEM Tools

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7-Top most successful tips for the accurate deployment of SIEM Tools you must know:

In this modern era of information technology, Enterprises can’t flourish without the proper deployment of Security Information and Event Management tools (SIEM).

Businesses are not prepared well to defend themselves from cyber-attacks. Hence, it causes damage to valuable assets and infrastructure which cannot be recovered without spending a lot of money. 

Cyber attacks are done on almost every business. Especially medium-sized businesses are getting highly affected by them.

According to the broker.com 43% of cyber attacks are aimed at small businesses, but only 14% are prepared to defend themselves.

SIEM tools are essential for any organization to deal with information security threats, as well as to remediate them.

Having some tools is not enough. Planning and implementation for their deployment are mandatory to use it accurately.

You can make the most out of SIEM Tools with the proper deployment of SEIM tools.

In this blog, we will depict light on:

  • What value a SIEM tool can provide to customers?
  • How to successfully deploy a SIEM tool accurately to get maximum benefits from it?
  • How Absolute Solution can complement your SIEM tools?

What is a SIEM Tool?

The Security information and event management is termed SIEM.

SIEM tools provide real-time analysis of cybersecurity alerts and threats generated by different applications and network hardware.

What is the difference between SEM and SIM tools? 

Security Event Management and  Security Information Management both are used to protect your valuable asset from cyber attacks but they perform different operations. 

The Security Information Management tool is used to collect and store information of logs to spot trends, while the Security Event Management tool is  designed to monitor, analyze and alert the events. 

Hence, Security Information Management and Security Event Management both are combined to provide all features of both tools in just one click. 

Modern SIEM tools are a combination of Security Information Management (SIM) and Security Event Management (SEM). 

They have combined features of SEM and SIM tools to provide real-time AI-driven analysis of threats, automated response, and remediation as well. 

What are the core capabilities of SIEM Tool and how is it essential for your business?

SIEM Solution tool is essential for threat intelligence, intrusion, and vulnerability detection. 

Cyberattacks are spreading over the internet with the evolution of technology. It has affected small businesses to large enterprises. 

Here is a good example of Costa Rica. 

Cyber attacks led to a national emergency in Costa Rica

Costa Rican President Rodrigo Chaves declared a national emergency on Sunday, May 8th due to continuous Conti Ransomware cyberattacks. 

This Ransomware strikes governmental entities and government bodies. 

It has badly affected the ministry of finance. It has access to everything about the Costa Rican government including information about taxpayers and the Customs system. 

Conti demanded a $10 million ransom from the ministry of finance of Costa Rica, and the government refused to pay for it. 

In light of the above facts, you should be prepared to protect your valuable assets.

In this regard, accurate deployment of SIEM Tool can help a lot. 

Accurate deployment of SIEM tool provides you valuable services such as:

  • Secure monitoring of assets
  • Incident response
  • File integrity monitoring
  • Regulatory compliance across the network 

Successful deployment of SIEM Tool can efficiently guard the assets and network from various high-risk attack vectors.

It make sure that you run your business in a safe environment. That’s why it plays a crucial role in the success and productivity of enterprises.

Deployment of Best SIEM tool protects your business from high-risk attracts which mainly include:

  • Detect Denial of Service (DoS) attack
  • Detect a Remote Desktop (RDP) brute force attack
  • Expose malicious hiding processes in assets
  • Detect filesystem changes in assets
  • Keep watch for malicious command execution
  • Catch suspicious network traffic 
  • Track down vulnerable applications
  • Detect an SQL Injection attack

How you can successfully deploy SIEM Tool? 

We have discussed the benefits of SIEM Tool for your company, business, or organization but now the question is how to successfully deploy SIEM Tool. 

Here are a few tips that will help you in the successful deployment of your SIEM tool. 

Make a Plan:

“Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning”

Thomas Edison, inventor

Poor deployment of SIEM tool can generate numerous security alerts for your security team, and they wouldn’t be able to manage it. 

Therefore plan the deployment process for better functioning and efficient services. 
Before starting deployment of the SIEM Tool you should thoroughly research different SIEM vendors, deployment models, and staffing strategies.

There are three main delivery models:

  • SaaS model
  • On-prem model
  • Hybrid model

SaaS is deployed on the vendor’s infrastructure but It is accessible for customers online while On-prem is deployed on customer premises. 

SaaS and On-prem model is the most competitive model; whereas the hybrid model provides all the benefits of SaaS as well as the security and Data ownership of the On-prem model. 

Each model offers several advantages and disadvantages depending on your needs. Choose it according to your needs.

Start with a phased approach, begin with a small pilot, and analyze your business cases for siem solution. 

If you find it right for your organization or business, go with the wider deployment.

Be smart to monitor data:

SIEM solution providers collect data from several sources, but SIEM can ingest limited data due to technical and budgetary constraints. 

You have to choose limited data to ingest in the same tool. For businesses where leaving a few logs could be tough. But you can ingest logs from firewall, file and different directory servers, and intrusion detection systems. 

Using your organization’s DNS Servers can help a lot in the detection and remediation of cyberattacks. 
Absolute Solutions IT-Solutions company in Saudi Arabia implements all the best practices to collect, monitor, and analyze your data to protect it from any damage.

Choose relevant SIEM Solution:

All top SIEM vendors offer a vast range of integrations. But when choosing a siem tool, it is crucial to choose one which is compatible with your business. 

If you will not choose the right siem tool company you will face operational complexities and administrative burdens. 

Your SIEM tool company must provide economically feasible and best Siem solutions reliable with a product that your organization is already using. 

Make sure that your SIEM tool works well with your firewall, it will help to get maximum benefits from it.

Choose a compatible pricing model:

It is crucial to choose the right pricing model, which suits your type of organization and complements your business. 

SIEM and log management solutions offer different pricing models for their popular siem tools. 

They provide a range of siem for small companies and large enterprises. 

Some SIEM providers charge per: 

  • User 
  • Event 
  • Tiered or flat rate model

Decide after a cost-benefit analysis:

 Many security siem tools are available on an a-la-carte basis, which allows customers to choose relevant services and features for their business. 

At the lowest tier, almost every tool provides log management and alerting while you have to subscribe to Premium to access advanced features. 

Premium features include threat alerting, automated remediation capabilities, and long-term data retention.

Different siem vendors offer various pricing rate for their services but cost-benefit analysis can help a lot to choose the right one.

Perform a cost-benefit analysis and go with the cost-effective solution.

Don’t completely rely on AI solutions:

Artificial intelligence made deployment of SIEM Tool much easier than before. 

Siem software solutions offer AI solutions that can minimize human interaction but it can’t eliminate it. 

SIEM tools require humans to analyze the intensity of threats, perform additional investigations and maintain the solution. 

AI solutions are fast an cost-effective solution but they need expertise for proper functioning and efficient services. 

Acknowledge the limitations before purchasing:

Security incident and event monitoring tools have limitations and Enterprise needs to acknowledge them before purchasing them. 

SIEM tools often don’t work well with mobile devices, remote workers, and cloud applications. 

A siem tool can’t distinguish between a legitimate user and an attacker using the common tool to extract data. 

A siem tool can’t spot attacks that use legitimate services like malware therefore test your SIEM tool continually to be vigilant of its progress and maintenance.

How Raptor Eye SIEM Solutions can help?

Finding the right siem tool company can be tricky but it becomes easier when you thoroughly research about them. Raptor Eye SIEM Solutions from Absolute Solution is one of the leading siem solutions.

Raptor Eye SIEM Solutions from Absolute Solution provides:

  • Depth Log data Analysis
  • Signature-based log Analysis
  • Rootkits detection
  • Security Configuration Assessment
  • System inventory

 The whole solution consists of a SIEM Manager and an Agent. 

The Raptor Eye agent runs on Linux and Windows operating systems also it can be deployed to laptops, desktops, servers, and virtual machines.

Besides providing threats prevention, detection, and response capabilities, It is also used to collect data from several sources that it forwards to the Raptor Eye Manager.

Raptor Eye SIEM Agentless:

Various security and network components (IDS, IPS, Firewall, Switches, Routers, etc.) are efficiently monitored without the Raptor Eye agent being configured on the device. 

Our team at  Absolute Solution can develop the rules for any vendor network device. And can gather, and normalize logs and events. 

Raptor Eye SIEM Solutions can manage to develop dashboards where alerts from these devices are easily visualized.

Raptor Eye SIEM Manager:

The manager comprehensively manages the assets across the network and is in charge of analyzing the pertinent data received from the agents. 

Raptor Eye Manager user interface includes:

  • Smart and attractive out-of-the-box dashboards for regulatory compliance (e.g., PCI DSS, GDPR, NIST & HIPPA)
  • Detect vulnerable applications
  • File integrity monitoring
  • Configuration assessment
  • Security events
  • Generating alerts on receiving threats

All these features of Raptor Eye SIEM SOLUTIONS make Absolute Solutions one of the best siem vendors.

Final words

Proper deployment of SIEM Tools can maximize its benefits therefore always choose a company that provides accurate deployment of SIEM Tool.

There are several top siem vendors available in market but, as mentioned above the Raptor Eye SIEM Solutions from Absolute Solution provides:

  • Depth Log data Analysis
  • Signature-based log Analysis
  • Rootkits detection
  • Security Configuration Assessment
  • System inventory

We Absolute Solutions implement all these practices mentioned above for proper deployment of Siem tools to minimize errors and maximize benefits for your business.

Contact Absolute Solution now for a free demo!

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