Baracuda Backup Solution

Barracuda Backup Solution for Disaster Recovery

–All in One Backup Solution

– Flexible Deployment

– Cloud to Cloud Backup

Barracuda Backup Solution for Disaster Recovery

Ransomware protection-ultimate solution not to damage business continuity plan  

Being a part of the business community, you cannot afford to neglect backup or disaster recovery plans, but finding the right solution for your organization could be a hectic task. We are offering an enterprise-level backup and recovery software solution to beat your significant security and disaster recovery concerns. This platform provides a single data protection interface for physical servers, virtual machines, endpoint devices, and cloud platforms such as Dropbox, iCloud, SkyDrive, and Box.  

The barracuda solution offers network data backup and recovery software that doesn’t penalize clients for data volume. Barracuda backup is worth trying because it incorporates powerful encryption with a 256-bit AES encryption level. So, it’s the best time to invest in barracuda to beat cyber-attacks, natural phenomena, hardware failures, and corrupt files.   

Complete solutions can help you the best even if you are not planning a coherent DR policy because you believe such strategies are only for deep-pocket, enterprise-scale IT budgets. 

Grab Barracuda Backup Solution for Disaster Recovery as the ultimate solution.


Reliable Replication

Cost Control

Encrypted Functionality


Data Lifecycle Management

Flexible deployment

Drastic reduction of restore time

Lower RTO & RPO

Prevent potential legal liability

Greater customer retention

Key Features

Unlimited cloud storage

High security

Inline duplication

Instant data recovery

Offsite vaulting

Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Is backup the same as disaster recovery?

How flexible is deployment barracuda is offering?

Do barracuda charge per-server or per-application licensing fees?

How will you back up data for disaster recovery?

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