Procurement Automation System

I-Synergy Smart Enterprise Work Flow for HR , Finance, Admin and Company Directors

– Automated requisitions

– Digital approvals

– Invoice management

procurement automation system by Absolute Solutions

Absolute solutions’ iSynergy Expense Insight

Procurement Automation System- Push away Dark purchasing to ensure the security of supply    

iSynergy is one of the leading solutions for your top to medium businesses to check and balance expense insights. This procurement automation system is a highly flexible payment tracking system with efficient control of your day-to-day spending by stopping unwanted purchases before they occur rather than cleaning messes after the fact. iSynergy is intended to empower clients to implement best practices for spend management with high visibility, predictability, and control.  

iSynergy will let you customize hierarchy levels for approval or refusal of payment requests. Top management also can drill down into any payment to get to the very bottom details. Last but not least, Absolute Solution being the official distributor of iSynergy, will provide all the needed assistance either for system installation or anything from the technical side.


Streamlined workflow

More strategic sourcing

Total spend visibility


Improved supplier Accountability

Vendor communication

Minimum risk and high productivity

Effective utilization of resources

Centralized data repository

Time and cost savings

Procurement Automation System Demo

Key Features

Automated requisitions

Digital approvals

Financial insights

Hierarchy maintenance

Smart search option

Invoice management

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