Are you from a Bank Or Cash Replinish Agency?

If yes! Absolute Solution's Cash In Transit Tracker Application is crucial for your Business.

– Ease for user and management

– A strong reporting system

– Live monitoring (alerts and notifications)


Cash In Transit Tracker Application

CIT tracker application| kick away poor live monitoring and discrepancy in cash because of theft 

Cash-in-transit (CIT) businesses are the backbone of the global currency supply chain. CIT companies ensure the safety, security, and integrity of money worldwide, but dealing with different challenges is something more than a hassle. Technology comes to the rescue Cash in Transit Tracker Application by Absolute Solutions will take over all the tasks with minimum effort. 

Our solution combines cutting-edge Radio Frequency Identification, GPS, and non-GPS tags that can communicate with different types of Gateways and send real-time pre-defined data feedback to keep you updated in the control room. To beat Delayed delivery of cash because of heavy traffic, central monitoring will guide pre-planned routes and give you all the required limited controls to cut down the human error. 

The Cash in Transit Tracker Application is worth using to keep your business working. And a robust reporting system to reconcile the cash and highlight the discrepancies of Live monitoring (alerts and notifications) will be your cup of tea for easy user management.  

Cash in Transit Application Benefits

Mobility for Staff

Real-time data access

Diversified Reports


Enhanced Data Security

Streamline business process

Real-Time Tracking

Driver safety

Messages and Notifications


Cash In Transit Tracker Application Demo

Cash in Transit Application Key Features

Central monitoring and planning system

Device, City, and Bank registration

Customer and Cash type registration

Route Formation

Incoming and outgoing transactions

Ad hoc Pickup

Location assignment

Custodian Vehicle Assignment

Custodian device Assignment

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • We offer a wide range of reports to share detailed information regarding cash-in-transit tracking. 
    • CIT route billing reports
    • CIT trip billing reports
    • Customer billing reports
    • Multiple route reports.
    • Audit trail reports 

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