Cloud Backup for Business servers

Best Cloud Backup for Business servers in Saudi Arabia

–No Investment on Infrastructure Required

– User Friendly Platform

– Quick Recovery in case of Disaster

Cloud Backup for Business Servers

Cloud Backup for Business Servers, Riyadh, Suadi Arabia

If you are an IT manager, the data loss will prove a nightmare for you. According to a research, every year, the businesses lose data worth $1.7 billion. The data loss happens due to various factors, including weather disaster, poor hosting, or system failure and you will not access it if there is no backup. Those who need to secure their data on a permanent basis should adopt the cloud data backup solution because it is ideal for both small and large businesses. You can develop a comprehensive strategy to the enterprise continuity planning for protecting your data. You should have a cloud backup that is budget-friendly.

What Do You Get From Cloud Backup?

A remote way of backing up data through an offsite provider is cloud backup. Where the business hosts the data assets creating workload, you would need a third party backup provider like cloud backup. By backing up your data remotely can give you benefits in many ways, like

  • You will not have to invest on infrastructure as that you require when you rely on the on-premises servers.
  • You can save your data the way you want without having trouble in maintaining because the cloud providers provide a user-friendly platform that is simple to understand.
  • You can recover your data when there is disaster and it will take no time.
  • You don’t have to go for an in-house backup because the third party will do it for you, so you will have to invest only on an off-site backup. You will not have to take headache to maintain, implement, or troubleshoot your data assets.
  • You don’t have to rely on tape backup because the cloud backup gives more benefits, like fast recovery time and high-end protection against physical threats.
  • Most of the small businesses have a very low budget so they can easily afford the cloud backup that has a clear TCO or total cost analysis. You can get unlimited benefits at a very low cost by having the cloud backup.

 Some Popular Backup Providers for Small Businesses

Carbonite: This is the biggest name in cloud backup industry and ideal for startups or small enterprises. It offers various options, like Carbonite Server Backup and the Advanced Server Bundle.

Equiniti: This is a cloud provider suitable for both small and large organizations. It offers options like cloud backup planning, off-site backups, disaster recovery site, compliant management, and intranet implementation.

Atlantech: This does not only provide the cloud backup but also provides business communication services on a unified level and a small business can easily afford it. You can select any option, like cloud hosting and backup, fiber-optic data connectivity, hosted voice, and many other options at a low rate. At Atlantech, you will also get the redundancy and the business continuity planning.

CrashPlan: This online backup provider is good for startups and small businesses. This platform is very flexible in terms of data volume. CrashPlan helps you enjoy the advantages of redundancy.

Backup Blaze: It offers cost-effective business continuity, unlike other backup providers. You can back up all your devices on backup blaze without an interruption and the rate is flat on a yearly basis.

You can choose any cloud backup vendor according to your budget and data storage requirements.

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