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Companies and organizations from small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) face different data loss disasters, but disaster prep requires a keen understanding of the policies-based tools. And backup procedures to enable the smooth recovery and continuation of your business which is quite hard to manage on your own without any helping hand. Absolute Solutions is all you need to approach now because we are the official distributors of PARAGON (protect & restore).  

Data backup and recovery services provided by Absolute Solutions protect the network of the organizations from any malware threat or virus attack. These are necessary steps and, if ignored, can cost large sums of money to the company for overcoming the damages. Data transfer from one point to another is one of the core needs of organizations, but portable devices such as USBs and drives can be highly infected.  

Your computer in the network can fall prey to the virus. The viruses can replicate over the entire network, so the companies should incorporate the Data Backup and Recovery Systems to overcome specific scenarios. But why get worried when you can avail paragon solution to meet your business needs now.  


Easy management

Smart security and visibility

Reliable replication


Efficiency and cost Control

Data Lifecycle Management

Recovery Orchestration

Real-time monitoring

Backup testing & validation

End-to-End Encryption

Key Features

Scheduled backup

Disk space management

Version control

Agent less backup for guests

Viruses & Malware prevention

WinPE Recovery media

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Why is backup important for your business?

  • The increase in Ransomware attacks and high-profile data breaches has dramatically increased the importance of data security. At this point, database backups are essential for data protection against any uncertainty or accidental loss of data. Furthermore, the following are the significant reasons that will compel you to grab a backup system for your business.  
    • Prevent data loss
    • Reduce downtime
    • Auditing and annual reporting
    • Part of disaster recovery plan

Does Paragon have recovery?

  • Without any deep IT skills or computing knowledge to protect your confidential files, disks, partitions, or even the entire system, paragon backup & recovery is the perfect solution. With the hassle-free methodology, data recovery after accidental data loss or any malware paragon could be the time and cost-saving solution. Want to hear more from us? Feel free to send us an email now.

How is fast Paragon Backup and Recovery speed?

  • As compared to the other available backup and recovery services, Paragon is much better with 4.61GB data recovery speed within 15 minutes along with preparation time. Additionally, if you need to set schedule backup, then it's up to you to choose the entire disk or some specific files only.

How will absolute solutions provide unbeatable customer support?

  • To maintain robust functionality without sacrificing overall system needs and your comfort, all the guides regarding any problems such as crashes, installation, activation, and other common issues have been added. So, what are you waiting for?
  • Reach us now for more service details.

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