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Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP)

The current era has become a technological hub. Every business uses information technology to quickly and effectively process all sorts of data. Businesses whether small or big create and manage large volumes of electronic information or data. Employees use electronic mail and telephone systems to communicate on a daily basis. Electronic data interchange is used to transfer data including orders and payments from one company to another. Servers stores large amounts of data all year around. Desktop computers, laptops and wireless devices are used by employees to create, process, manage and communicate information. What do you do when your IT tech stops working? How do you stop your business from going into a total shutdown for hours? You follow the written protocols set in place for such emergencies. This set of protocols is known as disaster recover planning drp. So what exactly is a disaster recovery planning? Disaster recover planning is the process of creating a document that details the steps your business will take to recover from a catastrophic event, it defines how your company responds. Our technology disaster recovery plan provides a step by step approach on how to react to unplanned incidents that threaten your IT infrastructure, which includes hardware, software, networks and processes. Protecting your firm’s investment in its technology infrastructure and your firm’s ability to continue business. Goals – Disaster Recovery We develop a recovery plan. Which contains a formal policy providing the guidance necessary for developing an effective recovery. Our company carries out a business impact analysis. It helps to identify and prioritize critical IT systems and components. We also identify controls that can prevent such accidents. These measures reduce the chances of system disruptions and can increase system availability.  Our IT heads develop recovery strategies, which ensure that the system can be recovered quickly and effectively after a malfunction. A team comes up with an IT contingency plan after thoroughly analyzing every aspect. The contingency plan contains step by step detailed guidance and procedures for restoring a damaged system. Our team tests the plan which would identify any planning gaps if there are any, alongside trains the recovery personnel for plan execution; both activities are essential in improving the plan effectiveness and overall preparedness. The main purpose of any disaster recovery plan is to reduce the overall risk to the company and that is exactly what our It department does. In the unfortunate event of an inconvenience, your biggest problem is time. The plan we present is efficient and effective. It is regularly updated and rewritten as time progresses in order to keep it maintained.

Absolute Solution – Best IT Company in Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Absolute Solution specialized in this area and helps organizations in planning their backup process according to their business environment. Such expertise does not come cheap and may require a non IT company years of experience and evolution in IT disaster recovery planning. This is where our experience and specialized service can help you in achieving the same in very less time and ensuring complete protection for any calamity. The sections below would describe the scope of work, sequence f activities and typical work products that are wrapped together by our service and presented to you as a turnkey solution.<br> DRP acts a bridge between Business Continuity Plan of your organization and the front-line tools that are guarding the services and systems.

Business Impact Analysis

Business Impact Analysis being the most important part of our service requires more emphasis on its activities and outcome. IBIA identifies the impacts resulting from disruptions and disaster scenarios that can affect the organization and techniques that can be used to quantify and qualify such impacts. Establish critical functions, their recovery priorities, and inter-dependencies so that recovery time objective(s) and recovery point objective(s) can be set.
Companies and organizations ranging from small to large sizes usually face challenges of different natures. But the most common and major challenge which is obvious in almost all the organizations is the storing of records and data. With the help of computers this issue is resolved to a greater extent and all the records are stored in digital format so that these can be accessed easily whenever required. In such a scenario where all the records of the company are stored in computer consider of some mishap which could result in the loss of entire data. The disasters could be natural as well as modern i.e. hurricane and electrical storms or viruses. Such data losses are so common and these could be rescued with the help of Data backup & recovery services.

Best Data Backup and Recovery Solution

The business may face overwhelming loss just in the downtime of the business due to the unavailability of the data. If the organization is not having their records they may not perform any daily activity due to server shutdown. Consider the situations where the company is a law firm and they have recorded their case files in the computer and the data is accidentally corrupted then the firm may encounter an irreparable damage to not only the current cases but also to the records and files which are the outcome of years efforts. Such scenarios are frequent in daily routine and can cause frustration. To overcome the difficulty of the management, Absolute Solutions offer state of the art Data backup & recovery solutions.

Data Backup & Recovery Services

There are multiple options available as per the requirements of the organization. Data backup is used for keeping a copy of the entire data stored on the computers so that in case of disasters the company may not left empty handed but could have options to recover the data to the best possible extent and to minimize the loss. Firewall solutions are offered to companies so that the traffic could be monitored and any unfortunate situations can be avoided. Data backup and recovery services provided by Absolute Solutions protect the network of the organizations from any kind of malware threat or virus attack. These are necessary and if ignored can costs large sums of money to the company for overcoming the damages. Preventing Viruses & Malware The endpoint devices are prone to viruses due to the data transfer using portable devices like USBs or CDs. These are more commonly infected and can cause the computer in the network to fell prey of the virus and the viruses can replicate over the entire network so the companies should incorporate the Data Backup and Recovery Systems in order to overcome certain scenarios. Absolute Solutions are offering enterprise services in an unmatched quality to make the customers satisfied with the products of HR Management and Time attendance Systems along with Data Backup & Recovery. We are a team of qualified researchers who are well aware of the techniques of making the best solutions which can outperform in all aspects.
Paragon PPR – Enterprise Ultimate Edition silver Package
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Licenses: 3
License Time Span Unlimited
Support Level Extended Support 1-Year Included
Upgrade Assurance 1-Year Included
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Paragon PPR – Enterprise Ultimate Edition Gold Package
Licenses: 5
License Time Span Unlimited
Support Level Extended Support 1-Year Included
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Paragon PPR – Enterprise Ultimate Edition Bronze Package
$ 7000
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Support Level Extended Support 1-Year Included
Upgrade Assurance 1-Year Included
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Usage videos

We prepared some videos for you to know about basic functionality of Paragon Protect & Restore.

Set up PPR infrastructure in a few minutes

Definition and appliance of backup policies

Other settings

Detailed Features

  • Agent-based physical backup A special agent embedded to every target Windows-based physical machine interacts with the infrastructure and accomplishes backup tasks
    Entire machines backup Protection of entire machines guarantees complete data safety
    Granular backup Protection of particular volumes allows minimization of backup windows and storage requirements
    One-Stop-Wizard for immediate protection One-Stop-Wizard helps to instantly configure and initiate protection of a single physical server or workstation
    Out of domain backup PPR enables to protect not only members of a domain where it is deployed, but any machine on the net
    Remote restore Administrator can initiate recovery of data (non-system) volumes remotely from one of the management consoles
    Bare-metal recovery The problem machine is started up from a special WinPE recovery media. After connection to the infrastructure, Administrator manually specifies the desired machine, volume, and restore point
    Paragon Recovery-ID Automatically and remotely perform a restore operation without local user-interaction
    Restore to dissimilar hardware Allows Administrator to restore a Windows-based machine directly to dissimilar hardware without having to reinstall OS, applications, and re-configure the system

Protect & Restore Awards

  • Migrate OS to SSD 4.0 was reviewed by “TheSSDrevi

  • Hard Disk Manager 12 Professional got the “Expert

  • Paragon Hard Disk Manager 12 Suite was given a GOL

  • Backup & Recovery 12 Home has won the editor\’s choice award

  • Paragon Drive Copy 12 Professional was reviewed by

  • Paragon Hard Disk Manager 12 Professional was reviewed

  • Paragon Hard Disk Manager 12 Professional was reviewed


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