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What is KSA E-Invoicing Mandate?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) implemented an e-invoicing mandate effective from 4 December 2021.

After it gets effective, every business entity to which the e-invoicing applies shall be prepared to generate, receive, and store the e-invoices. This can be achieved with the implementation of any ZATCA compliant e-invoicing software or application.

This giant leap will enable error-free, efficient, and secure payments while ensuring TAX compliance and improving transparency.

E-Invoicing Software Benefits

Effortless Integration

Efficient Invoice Processing

Hassle-free Auto Billing

Smart and Secure

End-to-End Compliance



24/7 Customer Support

Supports English and Arabic

We are Ready for E-Invoicing Are you:

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Key Features of E-Invoicing Software:

User Management

E-invoice Management

Reporting and Auditing

Document Management

Automated Stock Management

Multi Language System

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Subscription Models

Starting from 1500 Riyal


  • One-Time Purchase
  • Initial Integration By Our Tech Team
  • On-Premises Access
  • Need To Bear On-Premises Set-Up Cost
  • Self Maintenance of Data
  • Premium Upgradation
  • Maintained By You

On-Cloud Purchase

  • Monthly / Yearly Subscription
  • Cloud Based Access
  • Seamless Integration by our Tech Team
  • Cost-Effective
  • Effortless Data Recovery and Backup
  • Free Upgradation
  • 24/7 Customer support

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Phase 1 Requirements:

  • Phase 1 of E-invoicing or Fatoorah in KSA requires all taxpayers to use electronic systems/solutions to generate e-invoices or Fatoorah.
  • Manual invoices are no longer required.
  • Phase 1 requires the invoices to contain the buyer’s QR code and VAT number on the tax invoices if such buyer is registered under VAT law.
  • The QR code is not mandatory for standard e-invoices in phase one, whereas it is mandatory for simplified e-invoices.
  • In phase one, the integration with the ZATCA system, UUID, anti-tampering features, and generating the invoices in XML, is optional.

Phase 2 Requirements:

  • Phase two makes all of the requirements of phase one mandatory for every taxpayer in Saudi Arabia.
  • You can read more about the ZATCA phase 1 and 2 requirements at the ZATCA website.

  • The following are the changes from 4th December 2021:
    • Meeting the technical requirements of e-invoicing are only required for the Fatoorah solution providers such as software vendors to develop solutions.
    • Alternatively, all the technical requirements are for the in-house tech teams who work on developing internal solutions for the usage of an organization.
    • The taxpayers only need to approach this type of service provider or their own IT teams to develop and run such a system that complies with Fatoorah before 4th December 2021.

Yes, we have recently published a guide about the challenges of e-invoicing in Saudi Arabia

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