Federal Regulatory Reporting Automation Tool

Only Software you need to automate your Federal Transactional Reporting.

– Infrastructure ID / Trans Type

– Client Currency

– Transform Data into SFF Tab3 and 4 standard files

Federal Regulatory Reporting

Federal Regulatory Reporting Automation Tool |Future of data Reporting

Regardless of the human labor, Manual Reporting Is Time and resource Intensive. On the other hand, a magical tool by Absolute Solutions represents an end-to-end solution, and you can control different processes such as data ingestion, report validation, and submission without any hassle. So, when financial institutions can automatically manage transaction tracking time, billions of transactions, and most importantly, the report generation, why do it manually?

 Our regulatory Reporting Tool comes out of the box with a set of regulatory rules for each jurisdiction to make the OGL or SAP raw data more effective for further use. With Real-time monitoring checks, Reputational risks will fade away, which is the best practice when it comes to securing a budget for regulatory initiatives compared to revenue-generating projects. 

Stop getting worried about regulatory reporting and let the things happen magically rather than manually.


Minimum human supervision needed

Qualitative data screening

Accurate reports


Clear Audit Trails

Streamlined process

Easy error identification

Multiple file supportive

Regulatory data management

Flexible and scalable

Federal Regulatory Reporting Automation Tool Overview

Key Features

Transactional reporting

Credit risk management

Regulatory reporting

Scalable role management

Regulatory maintenance

Dashboard layer

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a regulatory reporting automation tool?

Can you go for interval reporting?

How to check file progress in Federal Regulatory Reporting Automation Tool?

In which format the regulatory report will get downloaded?

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