Array Network load balancer

Absolute Solutions Offer Array Network Load Balancer to prevent Server/ Router Overload

– Flexible & Scalable

– Accurate Performance

– Secure Application Access


Load balancer – The name of availability, security, and high performance

Load balancing is one of the essential tasks for your cloud environment to ensure efficient traffic management. Without load balancers, newly spun virtual servers wouldn’t receive the incoming traffic in a coordinated fashion. Also, some virtual servers might even be left handling zero traffic while others became overloaded to collapse the entire traffic system. 

For the improved and efficient distribution of network resources, the load balancer will manage multiple routers/servers with the same configuration. From the massive market of load balancers, Absolute Solutions is about to serve you with an Array Network load balancer that will improve application availability and responsiveness and prevent server/router overload. 

By spreading the work evenly, our load balancer improves application responsiveness and increases the availability of websites or application for users without any hassle. 

Traffic congestion is the biggest hurdle between your uninterrupted services. Let us be your network solution partner to share success.  





Fault tolerance

Health checking

Accurate performance

No downtime

Reduced Bandwidth Usage

Zonal Isolation

Key Features

SSL/TLS Acceleration & Offloading

Layer-7 Policy Engine

Server Load Balancing

SSL Intercept

Secure Application Access

IPv6 Support

Management and integration

Traffic Shaping & QoS

eRoute L4 Routing

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