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SIEM Solutions by Absolute Solutions – the Future of Cybersecurity:

The constant evolution of cyberattacks is a headache for companies and a big risk for cybersecurity online, together with the global cyber talent shortage.  Therefore, security teams must handle more alerts, cases, and events.

SIEM-SOAR solution from Absolute Solution is the only SIEM-SOAR combination that collects, analyzes, and prioritizes security events. Hence it helps analysts quickly identify and address incidents to keep businesses safe. With built-in detection, investigation, and response playbooks, SIEM Solution orchestrates critical processes to increase SOC productivity. In addition, it helps ensure a consistent response.

SIEM Manager by Absolute Solution gathers case support information automatically so analysts can quickly resolve incidents.

The blog will discuss how efficiently SIEM Solutions, can help organizations tackle and manage DDOS Attacks. In addition, to Brute Force Attacks, Ransomware Attacks, SQL injection attacks, and malicious command execution attacks.


DDoS means “Distributed Denial-of-service Attack” in English. A DDoS attack overloads incoming traffic from a server. Through a “botnet,” or network of “bots,” cybercriminals spread malware to a considerable number of computers of ordinary users. They take control of it and force them to access the same IP address, at the same time, to slow down or even neutralize a given infrastructure’s performance.

There is nearly 2,000 denial of service attacks per day worldwide. They are responsible for almost a third of the cases of unavailability of servers, all continents combined. SIEM Solution fights against this phenomenon by providing practical tools capable of protecting you in the long term.

Our SIEM Solution Tool, together with various Firewall Solutions such as Fortinet Fortigate Firewall detect intrusions and protect you from them while sustainably preserving the integrity of your network. You will find many practical features, providing you with total control over the protection of your infrastructure. Among other things, our SIEM solution provides you with:

  • A rapid and automated detection system;
  • Access to a practical reporting system, listing each of the deflected attacks;
  • Network activity reports with each of your employees.
  • Protection against attacks on authoritative and recursive DNS servers
  • Eliminates malicious traffic from the nodes

Don’t wait any longer to trust SIEM Solution Technologies and protect your operating systems from DDoS attacks and other threats targeting your infrastructure!


Brute force attacks are at their peak as hackers attempt to gain credentials by attacking any service exposed to the Internet. In fact, many ransomware starts with a brute force attack. So we monitor every user in Active Directory to ensure that the number of bad passwords never exceeds the lockout policy. This not only allows us to ensure that no account can bypass the lockout policy but also to detect brute force attacks in progress.

SIEM Solution’s DDoS Protection is a managed, cloud-delivered protection service that detects and mitigates large-scale, SSL, or application-targeted attacks in real-time—defending your business from even those attacks that exceed hundreds of gigabits per second. At the same time, SIEM Solutions also provides you with the disaster management service to get full access to your data if, in any case, you lose access to it.

What Our SIEM Agent Can Do:

  • Monitoring and mitigating DDoS attacks in real-time.   
  • Recognizes and stops DNS flood, reflection, and amplification attacks.   
  • Identifies and stops HTTP flood and Slowloris attacks, keeping your apps available.   
  • Scrubs network level and signature-based attacks
  • Blocks IP addresses that host phishing sites and other fraudulent activity.
  • On-demand backup and recovery of your data.

We use a SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) tool, giving us the ability to centralize the process and quickly analyze all security alerts concerning your systems. In this way, we also provide you with all the elements necessary to meet the backup and recovery requirements without compromising any of your data as the result of Brute Force Attacks.


Ransomware attacks are becoming more sophisticated, and ransom amounts are skyrocketing. Hackers extract confidential information from corporate networks and threaten to make it public if ransom payments are not made. Ransomware disaster recovery costs have more than doubled since 2022 when the total impact of an attack is calculated (downtime, lost productivity, ransom payments, incident response, etc.)

Backups are the last line of defense against a ransomware attack, and no one knows that better than cybercriminals who are looking to collect ransoms from you. They focus on finding and eliminating backups because they know that a successful attack must absolutely neutralize them.


Our backup standard is designed to withstand a network breach in which hackers gain administrative privileges. To do this, we completely separate local backups from the main network and implement unique identification systems powered by Absolute Solution’s SIEM Agent. Additionally, offsite cloud backups are protected against a ransomware attack, as a cybersecurity protection system is automatically activated if local backups are breached.


A vulnerability is a flaw in the code or design of a computer system. This is a weak point that can be exploited by a cyberattack, as a hacker could use it to run malicious commands or access a target system’s memory. New vulnerabilities are being discovered at an accelerating rate, which is critical to your business as they allow an intruder to take full control of the affected computer system.

All your external IP addresses are scanned monthly for vulnerabilities. We can thus mitigate the risk caused by known vulnerabilities by applying the corresponding patch.

SIEM Solution prevents, stops, and remediates the effects of malicious commands or suspicious network traffic in real-time by correlating analytical data collected on the computer (system events, processes in memory, network traffic, files on the hard disk, etc.). Our Absolute Solution’s SIEM Agent software has increased effectiveness against traditional static threats as well as more advanced multi-stage dynamic threats. It replaces your traditional antivirus, which is based only on comparing the files on the hard disk and a database of known threats. Our SIEM Agent now serves as a modern, high-quality antivirus for any business.


We use advanced DNS filtering protocols and intuitive network infrastructure against malicious websites by combining artificial intelligence and the DNS resolution protocol. It performs real-time analysis of DNS domain queries to provide reliable protection against malware and viruses. It then redirects all external DNS requests to the SIEM Solution’s DNS Filter platform, which compares new requests to domains deemed to be malicious.


Before explaining to you what an SQL injection is in the world of cybersecurity. We will refresh our memory on the function of the computer language SQL. Structured Query Language (SQL) is used to develop and operate applications and websites. It is a standardized computer language consisting of two main parts: the data manipulation language and the data definition language.

A SQL injection attack is a common and fatal form of attack that threatens databases through web applications.  A user with adequate knowledge of SQL can manipulate information passed to an application to obtain data not intended for them. Data is an organization’s most valuable asset. Therefore, It exposes itself to serious legal consequences in the event of data theft due to a vulnerability in its application.

To know more about SQL Injection and its phenomenon. Visit Wikipedia.

Applications normally perform input checks to verify that there is no data leak, but sophisticated attacks can still find their vulnerabilities. A regular audit of the Web server that hosts the applications and of the database server is, therefore, necessary to ensure constant data protection. Predefined reports and alerts from Event Log Analyzer enable this auditing and security process.


Absolute Solution’s SIEM Analyzer supports the following servers:

  • Apache Web Servers
  • IIS web servers
  • Oracle database servers
  • Microsoft SQL Servers
  • VMware 4. x
  • Cisco PIX, ASA (All versions)

SIEM Agent uses state-of-the-art threat intelligence to detect SQL injection attacks on each of these server types. In addition, it creates alert profiles with dynamic dashboards to generate real-time notifications in the event of an SQL injection attack. The client receives the notifications via email or SMS.

How Absolute Solution’s SIEM Manager Blocks SQL Attacks:

  • Take instant corrective action if an alert is issued. Such as shutting down the web server or blocking a user, while checking for vulnerabilities and fixing them.
  • Designate custom scripts to trigger when an alert is issued. Custom scripts can run instant remediation while you focus on the more complex task of finding and fixing application vulnerabilities.
  • Pre-Stopping the execution of malicious infected SQL code via Cross-Site Scripting.

With all of these features, Absolute Solution’s SIEM Manager ensures that an organization’s data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. It also offers out-of-the-box correlation rules for the following:

Database events, web server events, MS SQL security incidents, Oracle security incidents, IIS, and Apache web server events.


Securing your infrastructure is a critical issue in the world of cybersecurity. Especially with the bombardment of brute force attacks or the explosion of malicious acts using ransomware. This is why you need to contact the best SIEM tool company in Saudi Arabia.

Several cybersecurity solutions exist, but not all are equal. Hence, without forgetting that cybersecurity goes beyond securing the integrity of your website or your employees’ terminals. Absolute Solution’s SIEM Services supports you throughout your defensive cybersecurity strategy. From audit to supervision, end-to-end expertise for a stable, solid, efficient, and secure infrastructure.

Contact our teams to find out more about our services!

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