Top Ten Best Document Management System Software (DMS)

Top Ten Best Document Management System Software

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Top Ten Best Document Management System software in 2022:

In this article, we will discuss the top ten best document management system software. By now we know that DMS is the best way to reduce paper-based work and increase work efficiency. Additionally, it prevents data loss and increases productivity.

In present times, many organizations incorporate software management systems to keep their data updated and secure. So now to go through the best, continue reading.


It is one of the simple personal document management software. It allows you to create any number of documents. Along with that, LogicalDoc focuses on fast document retrieval. This software can be best for small to medium and large-scale businesses.

Moreover, it is a cloud-based tool, which makes documents quickly accessible. Equally important, providing a secure environment for documents. Especially, the built-in multiple different index algorithms in the system help users to search documents in various languages.

Key Features:

  • Help you upload files to the secure repository
  • With a multilingual interface, you can access it on desktop or mobile.
  • Capture and scan documents via OCR as well.
  • It allows file sharing and internal messaging.
  • Provide backup data for files, folders, or hard drives.
  • Increases productivity and reduces the cost at the same time.
  • Lastly, this web-based software is easy to install on windows.

Absolute Solutions’ DMS software:

The Absolute solution is among the best software development companies in Saudi Arabia. It has developed one of the best document management systems along with other versatile features. Firstly, it lets you create, store, share, and deliver documents online.

Also, it supports automated workflow management. It provides tools for versioning, document sharing, and email tracking. Similarly, the platform allows you to create folders and add categories. Plus you can customize your documents as per your requirement.

With audit trials, users can keep track of files too. It can securely store all the data. And it helps you retrieve the documents efficiently. Apart from its basic tools, it allows you to give authorized access as per designated roles.

Its real-time collaboration feature makes it worth considering. It includes comment tools as well. The software provides full-text search functionality for faster retrieval of data. Moreover, password protection is available for files and folders on the document management software.

Key Features:

  • Provide you with excellent multiple filters for search.
  • Offers scanning, indexing, and OCR.
  • Easy to implement and elevates the integration capacity.
  • Mainly allow you to track different steps of workflow management.
  • Admin can define access to different users.
  • With this software solution, you can easily connect with employees in one place too.
  • Meets international security standards, therefore to protect your sensitive information.
  • Let’s you access the documents across desktop and mobile.
  • Similarly, its version control feature helps you keep a record of additional versions and redrafting.
  • Reduces financial costs while improving compliance.


ClickUp is an online platform for project management that lets you create, edit, and manage documents easily. It is best for its flexibility and control over data by all means. It can organize digitally for small-scale to large-scale companies. Moreover, it’s fully customizable making it work for every type and size of the team.

With different layout options, there is a high possibility to grow. This document management software ensures that all business tasks operate under one roof. However, it saves time by automating your work. Altogether, it features lots of other tools to increase productivity.

Key Features:

  • ClickUp features a visual dashboard with real-time reporting.
  • It is customizable, to manage any type of project.
  • Adding up text editing & sharing documents.
  • Pre-built automation for routine work & processes.
  • It features streamlined teamwork with powerful collaboration.
  • Automatic tracking along with Workload and Box View to visualize your team’s day-to-day work in particular.
  • Offers a free trial period also.


It offers cloud-based and on-premise platforms. The eFilecabinet provides secure file sharing and transmission of data. It offers training and technical support to the team as well. Meanwhile, many businesses look up to it as it provides bank-level encryption.

Similarly, protection for companies for sensitive data is provided. Furthermore, the solution offers multiple security features. Along with that, it allows automation for the whole organization, reducing mistakes.

Key Features:

  • This application offers desktop solutions.
  • With eFileCabinet, you can quickly upload, with the drag and drop technique.
  • Allow you to automate contracts with the eSignature feature in brief.
  • Role-based security function allows you to decide the access rights too.
  • Workflow automation boosts productivity as well as saves money.
  • It comes with a highly customizable safeguard, making it user-friendly.
  • Accessible by mobile apps from tablets and smartphones.


M-Files aims at advanced automation being in the list of the best document management system platforms. Thereafter, it allows visibility and integration across systems and repositories. Following that, with log and audit trails you can view edits in particular. The software keeps track of tasks and conveniently lets you change guidelines as per need. Its common interface feature makes it user-friendly as well.

Have advanced security and encryption, so that data stays safe. M-files with their intuitive workflow can connect documents of different departments. Furthermore, it offers enough cloud storage. Plus the software comes with regular automatic updates.

Key Features:

  • M-Files’ best feature is duplicate detection.
  • With the help of the collaboration tool, users can comment and edit documents.
  • Generally, it comes with regular update alerts.
  • Offer accessibility by desktop, web, or mobile.
  • Reduce errors by automating workflows and metadata.
  • Easily integrates with other features.
  • Unlike other document management systems, its user interface is tricky at times.
  • Additionally, M-Files offers offline access to the information.


DocuWare is a cloud-based solution. Primarily it comes with a plethora of tools and features that simplify the process of document management. Moreover, it has functionalities for file management, indexing, sharing, and achieving.

The drag and drop function allows the user to perform multiple tasks. And, with customizable web forms, data capture is quick. Although it allows the team to control the dashboard to keep an eye on workflow.

DocuWare lets you easily import documents whenever without any interface. The platform provides third-party monitoring in real-time too. Plus, its smart automation makes it suitable for all businesses.

Key Features:

  • Offers tools for marketing, invoice processing, and bar code recognition.
  • Also, it provides mobile app integration in a workflow.
  • Allows full-text search and version control on one hand.
  • Provides features for collaboration and electronic signature too.
  • With the help of advance permission, you can manage access to documents.
  • Positively, makes it easy to track, monitor, and remove data automatically with preset parameters.
  • Prevents loss or insecure unauthorized access.

Google Drive:

One of the best free platforms. With Google Drive, formerly you can store and share documents with others. Similarly, it lets you manage and edit a variety of files in the cloud-based document management system.

You can instantly create documents and spreadsheets on it.  Next, it allows you to collaborate with other organizations. On the whole, users can encrypt and secure access to your files. In addition to it, a little feature of the Research Pane directs you to Google web results.

Key Features:

  • Drive lets you control the access rights.
  • Built-in eSignature tool.
  • Provides multiple workflow options to meet project management needs as well.
  • Advanced search options are a time saver.
  • Let you create a large number of folders and allow “Add Star” to it. Given that makes it easy to find.
  • Format editing feature converts files to Google Docs.
  • Easily accessible from desktop and mobile too.


Alfresco particularly is a comprehensive content management solution with solid operation tools. Similarly, it provides all the essential features for document management. As a result, the system aims to improve workflows and solid retention.

It enables businesses to increase productivity with strong collaboration tools. Gradually, the operating cost reduces with Alfresco certified SAP connector. Along with that, the cloud-native platform provides extensive storage for content.

Key Features:

  • Comes with API support to help to store and retrieve documents.
  • Offers robust content and document management.
  • Emphasize smooth workflow implementation as well.
  • Strong cloud storage integration features too.
  • Allows managers to allocate tasks and subtasks to members.
  • Provide search functions to be sure to locate files.
  • Users can capture data from mobile devices by using OCR.


PandaDoc is cloud-based document management software mostly used by sales and marketing ventures. The users can create business proposals, contracts, quotes, and much more.

Also, one feature automates your data immediately after collection. Meanwhile, the software boosts efficiency by providing multiple templates. Plus, it provides users with a secure cloud central repository.

Key Features:

  • eSignature facility for fast processing.
  • Allows tracking documents as well as securely processing paperless transactions.
  • Meets the needs of the human resource department with its useful features.
  • Comes with an intelligent analytical feature basically, that helps users predict effective marketing proposals.
  • Convenient for Android and iOS mobile applications.
  • Allows notifications for reminders and expiration too.

Microsoft SharePoint:

The platform provides large file support. Microsoft SharePoint better integrates with Office 365 tools and services. Followed by refined and customized reporting through powerful filters.

While it allows you to check and manage the permission matrix. Therefore, with document library accessibility and third-party integration, one can focus on work. Not only that but it also provides a centralized password-protected space for document sharing.

Key Features:

  • User-friendly platform and easy to deploy.
  • Assist with meeting regulatory requirements and content management streamlining.
  • Its up-to-date version is always available too.
  • To enhance user productivity it supports features like notifications.
  • Allows external sharing and collaborations as well.
  • Provides reporting on the current status of users and their access.
  • The drag and drop function is given that it makes it easier to reorganize and reschedule.


In the above list of the top ten best document management system software, you get to know the basic features. Now with that, it won’t be difficult for you to choose from. However, selecting the right document management system company reduces efforts and increases productivity.

Though it’s cost-efficient and scalable. Having a software management platform in business will surely boost your reputation.

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