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Web Server Load Balancing:

When a business grows, the traffic within its website also grows, increasing the load on the data server. Every user wants to access the website for information and when this access increases, the server cannot handle it and crashes. The businesses can resolve the additional strain on a server with a Server Load Balancer. Web Server Load Balancing is a platform that helps servers in managing the excessive web traffic, decreasing the accessibility issues. The organizations can make the website/app more responsive by equally distributing the traffic to different servers. The server load balancing is applied by the data centers with a hardware device that we call a multilayer switch that distributes the traffic. The device does not only control the traffic but also enhances the app’s performance.

Application Load Balancer

Generally, there are three types of load balancers supported by the elastic load balancing, including the Application Load Balancers, Classic Load Balancers, and Network Load Balancers. The Application Load Balancer acts as a single platform for the clients or organizations. The load balancer divides the website or app’s traffic to various platforms. The application traffic now goes to multiple targets, like EC2 that involves different Availability Zones. The Application Load Balancer increases the availability of the app, helping visitors access the information. The load balancer decreases the load that develops on the networks within the organizations. A business will grow more when more people will access the product.

You can experience successful web server load balancing services in Saudi Arabia at Absolute Solutions


  • Ensure applications remain up and running in the event one or more servers become unavailable
  • Seamlessly add servers and scale applications
  • Improve server efficiency for greater ROI and better application performance
  • Reduce response and transaction times for Websites, applications and cloud services
  • Support server load balancing and application availability in public and private cloud environments


  • Load balancing for distributing traffic, performing health checks and maintaining session persistence across multiple servers
  • Load balancing any number of servers from a single URL and IP address
  • Offload SSL and TCP processing for up to 10x greater server efficiency
  • Caching, compression and SSL acceleration for up to 5x better application performance
  • High-performance virtual load balancing with full feature parity for VMware, Citrix, Hyper-V, OpenXen and KVM environments

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