Anti Money Laundering System

Absolute Solutions Anti Money Laundering System for Banks

– Windows Based Application

– Object Oriented Solution

– Disconnected 3 Tier Architecture

Anti Money Laundering Application

Absolute Solutions Anti Money Laundering Application:

AML System- knock down the financial system’s poor governance and criminalization

Money laundering and combating financial crimes are crucial and hard to deal with situations. On the other end, Anti-money-laundering (AML) policies and procedures exist to help financial institutions beat these issues effectively. You will get enough flexibility to introduce your own rules or guidelines to prevent maximum money laundering risks. Additionally, the AML application will mitigate the adverse effects of criminal economic activity and promote integrity and stability in financial markets.

Absolute Solutions is striving to make AML applications user-friendly. From a design and construction point of view, the architecture will be ultimate “OO” (Object Oriented) based and “Disconnected 3 Tire Architecture”. all the AML procedures also operate as gatekeepers against general fraudulent activity and you will be served with on-demand reports along with complete details. 


Intelligent alert prioritization

Rare-event detection

Automated manual processes

Suspicious activity monitoring

Easy crime tackling

Unbeatable verification

Customer on boarding

Remittance & Payment Screening

Flexible deployment

Key Features

Transaction monitoring


Rules and regulations setup



Currency Transaction Reporting (CTR)

Minimalistic user interface

Risk assessment

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