NAS Storage Devices For Business

NAS Storage Device for Businesses Lenovo EMC – IOMega StorCenter

– Automated local cloud backup

– Remote access

– High efficiency and reliability

NAS Storage Device- Lenovo EMC – IOMega StorCenter

How to get rid of downtime and make your system remotely accessible with robust data backups?

A growing business needs infrastructure to support a multi-user environment to meet different business needs in Saudi Arabia. An outdated file-sharing or data storage technique has nothing to do with your business, so it’s the perfect time to switch to NAS (Network-attached storage) device. Absolute Solution Pvt. Ltd is an official reseller of EMC Iomega NAS Storage, and with a highly competent team, we will serve you with flawless storage implementation, configuration and support.

By adding a scalable NAS storage solution, data can access remotely and smoothly. With superior data protection, EMC Iomega NAS Storage servers offer flexibility to your business needs. Shift your business to NAS and let things happen with the speed of light.


Central file storage and access

Automated local cloud backup

Reduced hardware costs

Compact and space-saving

Data protection

Remote access

Pocket friendly


High efficiency and reliability

Key Features

Device to device data replication

Smart reporting

Unbeatable data encryption

Power failure supportive

Interactive system status dashboard

Anti-virus scanning

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How can EMC Iomega NAS handle Server/VM latency issues?

What are different NAS power handling improvements?

Is EMC Iomega NAS Storage UPS supportive?

How strong does virus protection EMC Iomega NAS have?

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