Time & Attendance Management System

Automate your HR and IT Admin Work in a Jiffy!

– simple & Intelligent

– Promotes Efficiency

– Suitable for Every Industry

Absolute Solutions Time & Attendance Management System:

Is your company struggling to balance employee attendance tasks & their daily duties? Automatizing scheduling, attendance, HR operations and payrolls are now easy with Time and Attendance Management System (TAMS).

The Only Solution which can provide you all the benefits and features required in a complete Human Resource Time & Attendance Management software.

What our Time and Attendance Management System (TAMS) Offers?

Easy Installation

Automates All Areas of Conduct


Saves Time & Money


Promotes Efficiency

Simple and Intelligent



Ensures Productivity

Suitable for Every Industry

TAMS Key Features:

Attendance & Leave Management


Payroll Integration

Calendar Integration

Biometric Attendance

Intelligent Reporting

Compliance and Procedures

Advanced Analytics

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Automate Your HR Management with TAMS Now!

Absolute Solutions Time & Attendance Management System is the only Solution you need.

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