Client Account Master Data (CAMD)

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Client Account Master Data (CAMD)

CAMD management system- Cloud infrastructure with Architectural level pictorial representation

In the current era, the biggest struggle for different business models is to ensure that their data is easy to find, current, accurate and shared with only those who need it. On the other hand, cluttered data can make finding out the correct data at the right time even more challenging. For example, for the financial institutes, it’s essential to manage data of corporate’s board of directors or authorized personnel along with their banking details and documents etc. But the chances of data mismanagement in data handling will arise, but the client account master data management system can resolve this issue for you. 

Absolute Solutions from the last two decades, creating the modern solutions for modern problems so you can count on us to get custom services for data clarity and master data management services. To maintain your clients’ proper and current records, essential documents such as ID cards, passports, and other records should be updated. But you don’t need to check each client’s data because the CAMD management system by Absolute solutions is smart enough to generate different alerts so you can take action accordingly. 

To keep the entire data up to date, alerts will be generated about the expiry date or absence of any document required to complete the client profile. Our system will help corporates take action accordingly because the expiry of a single document can prevent a business person from performing specific banking or legal tasks. Accessing any data on the cloud is just a piece of cake, and Architectural level pictorial representation will take the users to easy handling. 


Improved Data Quality

Reduces Time and Cost

Increased Data Accuracy


Avoids Data Duplication

Better Data Compliance

Informed decision making

Handling Change Requests

Enables Easy Data Edits

Enhanced productivity

Key Features

Custom alerts

Confidential documents handling

Banking details management

High-level pictorial representation

Cloud infrastructure

Secure data management

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